Hi Gang,

I was just reading some of the Kindle reviews on Amazon and I have to say that this one caught my eye. I think this Kindle user sums up my experience, so I'll let his words do the Kindle justice!

"I've had my Kindle for just two days now and I am already in love with it. This is, without a doubt, my favorite electronic device. Now I don't want to mislead you. I am a bit of a computer/technology geek. But I'm also 54 years old so there is certainly a fair amount of "old school" thinking and behavior in me. But the fact is, the resolution and readability of the Kindle, under any lighting conditions, including bright, outdoor sunlight conditions, are simply outstanding. I've already purchased and downloaded several books and two magazines. Download times are eactly what Amazon says they are for the Kindle. You really can download an entire book in about a minute or less.

I did read through the hardcopy manual as well as the user's guide that is preinstalled on the Kindle itself but I did not have to spend much time doing so. Using the Kindle is easy because it is just so, so intuitive. From now on, the only reason I'll actually buy a hardcopy version of a book is only because the title is not available for download to my Kindle. And there are now over 170,000 books available for download to the Kindle. I cannot recommend highly enough this superb, user-friendly, powerful electronic device. I am positively thrilled with my purchase. I can assure you, if you buy a Kindle you will not be disappointed. "


There is an important election taking place here in the US this year. With both candidates having selected their running mates, I thought now would be a great time to recommend a political Amazon Kindle book.

This book is non-partisan. This book is filled with facts and history - not rhetoric and pandering. Check it out - it's a winner. Click any of my Amazon links and jsut search for the title.

"US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights, and Guide to US Government" for mobile reference, Kindle edition.


Here's another review I read about the Kindle online. I think it sums it up pretty good. The author is a little harsh in the article, but he comes out on the right side..

"Having lived with the Kindle, I can say that it serves most of my immediate reading needs. As a guy who enjoys amassing a vast library of books and displaying them in bookcases, I am a little frightened of the future, but inevitability is the name of the game, and fear of change isn't a good enough excuse. Will I continue to buy books or will I jump into Amazon book buying mode? That remains to be seen, but you, o early adopter, should not share my fears. The Kindle is a quality invention, and I can see why the first batch sold out so fast."

Cheers to that!